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Sliding Top Shelf: This shelf makes it convenient to store electronic equipment within the unit without disconnecting the devices. A lock is added for security.

Drop In Shelf: This shelf is placed on the inside of the kiosk when a higher surface is desired. NOTE: The drop in shelf can also be used as a “Bridge” shelf, however, the placement of the brackets does not allow for the use of a drop in shelf on the inside of the kiosk and a drop in shelf on the outside of the kiosk at the same time. If this configuration is desired, a bridge shelf should be used along with the drop-in shelf.

13” Side Shelf: This shelf can be placed on either side of a single kiosk. The side shelf can also be used in conjunction with the drop in shelf creating a larger work area.

Bridge Shelves: These shelves join kiosks together. A wide variety of shelf sizes and shapes are available. Many different design configurations are possible due to the versatility of this shelving system. Set up and tear down can be done quickly and easily.


Solid Panel Locking Door: Paneled doors are constructed with a maple frame and a laminated panel that matches the lower panels of the kiosk. We highly recommend having a fan installed to allow air flow into the kiosk. An optional choice might be our perforated door.


Perforated Metal Panel Locking Door: Perforated metal panel doors are constructed with a maple frame surrounding a perforated metal panel. This panel improves air circulation for electronic equipment in the kiosk cabinet.

Custom Logos

We now offer vinyl lettering which can be custom made from your design.